✍What is Jenkins ?

Not just in development and testing, but in deployment as…

What is Amazon Simple Queue Service?

Amazon Simple Queue Service supports tasks that process asynchronously…

Kubernetes is by far the most popular container orchestration tool, yet the complexities of managing the tool have led to the rise of fully-managed Kubernetes services over the past few years.

Although Azure supports multiple container tools, it’s now going all-in on Kubernetes and will deprecate its original offerings this…


Ansible is an open-source IT Configuration Management, Deployment & Orchestration tool. It aims to provide large productivity gains to a wide variety of automation challenges.
Ansible is the first human-readable automation language that can be read and written across IT.
No one likes repetitive tasks. With Ansible, IT admins…

On December 28, 2020 a webminar on ansible industrial use cases was conducted by the RedHat officials. The lead instructor was “Sreejith Anujan” . He was a speaker at devconf.in in 2018. He taught us about scaling, made us understand use cases in a interactive way and also told us about various technologies that can be integrated.

Adarsh Malviya

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